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Qualified Personal Residence Trusts significantly reduce estate taxes that will be assessed on a personal residence. For married couples, I often recommend that the husband and wife each transfer a 50% interest in the residence to separate QPRTs. When both spouses establish separate trusts, you hedge the mortality risk associated with QPRTs. The other benefit

The Tennessee legislature has enacted the Tennessee Community Property Trust Act of 2010. If the Governor signs the bill, the new law will allow resident and nonresident married couples to convert their property to community property by transferring the property to a new type of trust known as a Tennessee Community Property Trust. Alaska is

The estates of a lot of Tennessee decedents pay Tennessee inheritance taxes but do not pay federal estate taxes. The federal estate tax exemption is currently $3.5 million. As of the date of this article, various members of Congress favor extending this exemption amount indefinitely into the future. The Tennessee inheritance tax exemption is currently