A member of the House of Representatives from Wyoming has been told by some of her constituents that they are taking steps to die in 2010. Apparently, these individuals are willing to die early to make sure that their children will not pay estate taxes.These individuals are planning to discontinue taking dialysis and other life-extending

The American Family Business Institute has published a death tax voter guide for the 2010 elections. The voter guide identifies which candidates have signed a pledge to repeal death taxes as well as how incumbents have voted on various bills to permanently repeal death taxes.

I doubt that death taxes will be totally repealed. Nevertheless,

 John Kluge recently became the fifth United States billionaire to die in 2010. The others are Mary Janet Cargill, Dan Duncan, Walter Shorenstein, and George Steinbrenner.

The families of these five billionaires will receive a tremendous tax break due to the absence of federal estate taxes in 2010. It is still possible that Congress will pass

A prior article pointed out that higher tax rates in the future would increase the chance that converting your IRA to a Roth IRA would provide a benefit to you and your family. We now know that income tax rates for high-income individuals will increase beginning in 2013, due to the 2010 Healthcare Act.