I am currently working with an elderly client named John who is the beneficiary of a $6 million trust established by his father.  Upon his death, half of the trust will be distributed to his daughter; the other half will be distributed in equal shares to the children of his deceased son.  The trust owns

When an IRA account owner dies, his or her designated beneficiary can choose to withdraw the account or maintain the IRA as an “Inherited IRA.”  Numerous beneficiaries of Inherited IRAs have declared bankruptcy and claimed that the Inherited IRA was exempt from attachment by the creditors.  Some Circuit Courts of Appeal had held that inherited

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The previous article highlighted the opportunity of making a distribution from a trust by March 6th in order to reduce

Prior to this year, all Tennessee trusts were required to file annual Tennessee income tax returns. This includes garden variety revocable trusts as well as irrevocable grantor trusts that use the grantor’s social security number as their EIN.

Fortunately, the Tennessee legislature decided to solve this problem. Public Chapter 480 now allows grantor trusts to

Steve Oshins, an attorney in Nevada, has compiled the first annual ranking of the best states for the creation of Dynasty Trusts. He ranks Tennessee as the fourth best state. Ironically, our high ranking is a tribute to our laws other than our rule against perpetuities. Approximately 20 states have totally repealed their rule against perpetuities, which means

Until 2004, it was very difficult to modify an irrevocable trust without going to court. That year, Tennessee adopted the Tennessee Uniform Trust Code which allows various changes to be made to irrevocable trusts without going to court.

Earlier this month, Christy Reid, from Charlotte, North Carolina, and I presented a paper on this topic. We discussed