When an IRA account owner dies, his or her designated beneficiary can choose to withdraw the account or maintain the IRA as an “Inherited IRA.”  Numerous beneficiaries of Inherited IRAs have declared bankruptcy and claimed that the Inherited IRA was exempt from attachment by the creditors.  Some Circuit Courts of Appeal had held that inherited

Dave Shaftel has prepared a detailed comparison of the various Domestic Asset Protection Trust statutes. He analyzes 33 different aspects of the statutes. Tennessee’s laws stack up very well in terms of protection from creditors.

You can see from the enclosed map that Tennessee is the only southeastern state that allows Asset Protection Trusts. Advisors in neighboring states

Several of my clients established Asset Protection Trusts ("APTs") in July of 2007. That is the  month when they first became legal in Tennessee. Unfortunately, one of my first clients to establish a Tennessee APT died recently. She never experienced creditor problems and never needed the asset protection benefits afforded by the trust.

When she